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The Finesse 1:1 - The perfect replica

 Because FinessePods are manufactured using the same chips and plastic as its expensive alternative, the consumer gets the same product one to one but at a way cheaper cost! This is FinessePods 1:1

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Finesse Features...

  • Pop-Up Chip

    The H1 chip allows improved battery life and 70% increased quality and connectivity. 

  • Wireless Charging

    Not only do you get 5 hours of charge from the earbuds themselves, but the case can charge the finessepods up to 5 times. They also support wireless charging to effortlessly replenish your battery using a wireless charger.

  • Upgraded Sensors

    The Finesse Team has worked hard on adding and tweaking the sensors to replicate in-ear play/pause sensor and tap and touch controls!

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Why won't my FinessePods turn on?

Make sure to charge them using the provided cable for at least 30 minutes. If one of your FinessePods is not working, try long pressing the outer casing of the pod. It should then turn on!

Are they waterproof?

No. We do not recommend to submerge them or insure submerged FinessePods.

How do I pair them?

(android/ios) Turn on Bluetooth. On IOS open the FinessePods case and wait for a pop-up on the screen. If it does not appear try pressing the button on the back of the casing. For Android, go to your pairing menu, and long press the button on the back of the casing until the FinessePods appear on the pairing menu. Click the FinessePods (It will say "Airpods") and it will automatically connect to your phone when the case is opened and Bluetooth is turned on. Email us if you need any more support!

The Finesse Lineup

Finesse 3:3 PRO

Finesse 3:3 PRO

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Finesse 1:1

Finesse 1:1

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