Finesse 3:3 PRO

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For the Pros, we includes multiple sizes of silicone tips: small, medium, and large. In an effort to take any guesswork out of finding the right size, the company added a software-based fit test to the settings, which can be found in the Bluetooth section of the iPhone’s Settings app.

You put the Finesse Pros in, and the test plays a small snippet of music. An inside-facing microphone listens for how things sound in your ears. If a tip is loose, you’re told to try a bigger size. It works! But all the test checks for is a seal, so you might see a good result for more than one size. So picking comes down to comfort and how well they stay in your ears. You might find that a different size in each ear works best.

With the shift in design, we have also changed how you control the new pros. Instead of tapping a touch sensor built into the sides of each earbud, there’s now an indented “force sensor” on the smaller-than-before stems of both pros that you squeeze to do things. There’s no actual button, but you hear a very quiet click in the earbuds when the sensor is pressed.

Customer Reviews

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Urban Runolfsson
Pretty good, thank you!

In appearance, the headphones are made quite accurately.

Rylee Fisher

This is the best there sold is. It has all the features of the original. Range is definitely more like 10 meters, is by me tested. I have for my son and for my partner also ordered. I recommend it sure to, you will definitely have NO regret. My son has real AirPods and he found this much better as the original. .

Laurence Kautzer

SUPERRRRRRRRR better than orginal, this is WONDERFUL. I order now another one. Superbass and very clear sound. Thank you

Kattie Robel

Really appreciate this supplier. Before I receive the product, I was very afrad of its quality as the price is super low and big sale. After I tried the product, it is unbelievable that it has the same functions as orignial, the sound is excellent with good noise cancelling . It is prefect with this price. Thank.